Saturday, April 26, 2014

Woodpeckers Building Their Nest

 The past few days I've been watching a pair of woodpeckers chipping away at the neighbor's tree.   Not sure what kind of woodpeckers they are.  Possibly  Nuttal's Woodpecker, which is listed as common to Eaton Canyon.  This is the male.
 Here is the female.  
And here is the male popping his head out of the cavity they've made.   This was kind of chance shot.  I couldn't see either of the birds, but stood under the tree listening to the woodpecker chip away.   After a while, the male came out and quickly flew away.   Nuttal's make cavities for nesting that are 1.5 in. by 7-10 inches.   We will keep an eye on this nest.  These woodpeckers lay 3-6 eggs which hatch after 14 days.