Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sierra Madre's Who-Ville Festival and Small Business Saturday

Are you Black Friday'ed out?   Tired of fighting your way into the big box to pay big bucks for big plastic things shipped in from overseas?   Well, here's a small town antidote to your weariness.

Today, Sierra Madre is presenting its Who Ville Festival.  It runs from 1 PM to 8 at night and all the information is here.   

The festival, like "downtown" Sierra Madre, is the antithesis of the Best Buy/Target/Walmart experience.  One is small town; the other Big Box.   One is lots of small stores. The other lots of long aisles.   One is picturesque and homey.  The other ....   Well, I could go on, but you get where I'm coming from.

I've posted before about one of those small Sierra Madre locally owned efforts -- Mother Moo Creamery.  
The Moo, as we call it around here, opened a year ago and is now a fixture at 17 Kersting Court.   They are local folks, who hire local folks and who get their ingredients locally.   And, they turn out gourmet products on par with anything you'll find in town or out of town.

Special for today, the Moo will be hosting other locals upstarts who make top quality products.   Marcia will be there with HomeBody Botanicals.  In addition to her great lotions and salves, she'll have some extra special stuff for the holidays.   One is Elderberry Syrup made with elderberries that our family wildcrafted in the local foothills.   Another product I really like is her Fire Cider, which we take in the winter to ward off colds.  Like everything she makes, the Fire Cider is made from locally or organically sourced ingredients and is carefully packaged. 

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Alice said...

May the Peace of Christmas be with you and your family for the entire year to come.