Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday at East Pasadena's Best Buy

This week I've watched the line outside Best Buy grow.  It started Monday with a few guys who set up camp outside the front doors.  The line has grown each day.  Here's a picture taken at 7 PM tonight (Thanksgiving night).  The line now stretches from the Best Buy doors (which are on the other side of Ross) south all the way to Foothill Blvd.

They are in line to get a shot at  buying the Doorbusters.   This year, the Doorbuster to top all others is a 40 inch Toshiba flat screen TV for $180.  That's an advertised savings of $240.

We talked to a guy toward the front of the line.  He's after the Toshiba flatscreen for re-sale.   Of course, there are other items he wants too.      

Doors open at midnight.   There's still time to get in line. 


It is fun to watch people set up camp in front of Best Buy and to see the line grow.  But, I have no desire to get in that line.

What looks better to me is Sierra Madre's WhoVille set for Saturday from 1 PM to 8 PM.     .  


Petrea Burchard said...

The whole concept leaves me cold. The day after we give thanks for all we have, we display our desperation for material things.

I must say, Michael, your photo is really interesting. It's a great post.

Adele said...

I like your coverage of this major event. :) I really do find it interesting, kind of from a sociological perspective. No interest in getting in the line, though. I'll be heading to Who Ville, though. Much more to my liking! Great minds think alike - I have a similar post to yours for today (Saturday).

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Hey, a 40 inch tv for 180 bucks. I kind of get it. Might be fun too, talking to people in line (as long as someone's there to keep your space).