Sunday, August 5, 2012

1961 Cadillac at TJ's

Forty grand will get you this 1961 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible, parked and on sale today at the Trader Joe's parking lot.   There's an information sheet on the side window that says the this '61 was one of only 1,450 made and was designed as a "toned down" version of the more ostentatious Cadillacs of the late 1950's.  No mention of the Elvis plate -- maybe the King owned one.  In 1961 this car would cost you $6,477, which equates to about a $50,000 car today.  

 I'm not normally big on cars.  But, this is history.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

County Official Points Gun at Compost Guru?

Earlier this year I posted about my meeting with local legend, Tim Dundon.   I recounted my visit to his home in northwest Altadena, which is more or less a monument to compost.   Chickens and geese run loose at Tim's place and have for more than three decades.  That's Tim pictured above dumping a a load of compost in our yard.  

The Pasadena Star News has posted an excellent video interview with Tim.   The piece was filmed by Walt Mancini at Tim's home, which Tim refers to as the "Wormisphere."   The video captures Tim as an entertaining and eccentric lyricist and compost guru.  It also touches on Tim's most recent encounter with The County.  As Tim describes it on the video, The County's actions are absolutely shocking.

Now, if you want to get real technical about things, conditions at the Wormisphere might violate one or two County rules.   And, apparently a new neighbor called with a complaint.   So,it is not surprising to me that The County would send someone to check out the Wormisphere.  

But, I'm shocked to hear that The County sent officials to Tim's place with weapons drawn.  Yeah, that is what is reported in the video and in a companion PSN story.   In the video, Tim reports and demonstrates that a gun was pointed at him.       

And, earlier this week, the PSN ran a story by James Figueroa reporting that, according to Tim, Los Angeles County officials came onto his property,  "held a gun to his face" and threatened to kill his dog.  In a creepy parallel, the story also quoted a County building official urging Tim to cooperate with The County and stating, "We're pretty good about working with the public." 

What am I missing here?   How on earth does a complaint about loose chickens and plants lead to The County entering Tim's property with guns drawn?

You can call Tim visionary or eccentric, but he's hardly dangerous.   The County's actions are outrageous, scary, and need to be immediately redressed.