Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wind Damage -- Flyng Oak Tree Misses Santa Lands on Van


Petrea Burchard said...

And you couldn't send that to me for Zen Monday.

Just kidding.

I hope everyone's got their insurance in place. We had a couple of cars damaged on our street and I've heard from friends who had severe damage. It's a wonder things weren't worse, but considering the severity of the storm I am counting my many blessings.

Anonymous said...

Santa came early with a delivery of wind!

Anonymous said...

What is the exact location that you took this picture? I'm asking because I've read that oak limbs can be used as a growth medium for shittake mushrooms.

David S said...

Wow! This storm was most violent I've seen here yet. Not much tree issues in Temple City by me, but electrical issues at residence galore. Woke up Thursday 2am to bright flash in window. Opened door to howling winds & transformer above flashing. Snapped high voltage wire & line was whipping in wind & end was arcing while teasing the auto's back tires & gas tank. 911 call elicited no personal appearance. After watching chinese elm light up pointedly like X-mas tree, where intact wire passed thru, power thankfully blacked out after 30 minutes from breaking. Counted 10 burn marks on driveway.

3 days & 19 hours later got power 9pm Sunday. Heard 35 high voltage power poles downed in Temple City/Arcadia up & down Live Oak.
Checked my 19 hives & 1 nuc & only one migratory top blew off & ladies still housekeeping below. Luckily no acupuncture treatment nor having to p/u strewn hive boxes :).

Went to Rose Bowl Sunday & see the mulch/ stump piles growing by the hour & potpourri smells of oak, eucalyptus, sycamore, pines, etc. Might have oak logs in mix for the shittake Anon. Heard Athens has FREE green waste drop off at Farnsworth Park Sat-Sun. Mountain View also had its garden crew overwhelmed with twisted branches & fallen trees.

San Marino still has Athens on night duty cleaning up trees & debris non stop. Didn't have time to see Delacy, Earthside NC, or Eaton Canyon, but heard Huntington, Descanso & Arboretum also a mess. Victory Park had some majestic gigantic trees rip out by the roots. Thanks to the Maker no life & limb mass injuries. Now trying to keep up w/ the frost from cold dry Santa Anas. Water, water, water & no smoking.

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