Sunday, October 2, 2011

Get Out of Your Car and Take the Picture

A couple of days ago I was sitting in the Hastings shopping center parking lot waiting for my son to come out of the store.   Fortunately I had my camera with me and stepped out of the car to take this shot.   Turned out there were others with the same idea.  A woman parked her car few rows over and jumped out with her camera to take a picture.   Then, I saw a guy put his shopping bags down to get a shot with his cell phone.   Then, on the way home we saw someone set up on the Sierra Madre Blvd. median with a tripod facing west for pictures. 

It's always fun to see people taking pictures.  Not so much to watch them, but to try to see what they see that is so interesting.   There was no mystery here.   Lately we've had spectacular clouds and sky well worth some pictures.