Monday, September 5, 2011

Pasadena Blogging and the Pasadena Sky

 The last two nights have given spectacular views in the Pasadena sky.   The photo above is of the international space station as it orbited over us Saturday night about 8 pm.  It was fascinating to watch. I was surprised at how fast it moved and how different it was from stars or planes or anything else in the sky.  Pretty amazing stuff when you think that there's a crew of six orbiting the earth and living up there.  The  NASA website has a nice little feature that allows you to find out when the space station passes over a particular town.   The station will pass over us again tonight (Monday) at 7:47 pm.

Because of the heavy cloud cover and rain, we could not see the space station last night. 

Which brings me to our weird weather.   The weather started changing late yesterday afternoon.  A few raindrops fell and I spotted this rainbow to the east.   We don't see a lot of rainbows around here, so I ran to grab my camera and got this shot before the rainbow was gone.  Within an hour, rain was falling and then came some good rounds of thunder and lightening.    Thunderstorms are forecast for today.  Strange weather for us.

With all this talk about sky, it seems an appropriate time to say thank you and best wishes to a departing Pasadena blogger -- Ben Wideman of the sky is big in pasadena.   I followed his daily photo blog for much of its four year run.  His blog frequently showed me aspects of my city that I hadn't seen or appreciated.  In particular, his photos of City Hall were spectacular as were his shots of the Colorado Street Bridge and, of course, the local sky..   In his blog's last month, he listed his top 20 positive and top 10 negative things about our fair city.  It was interesting to see the final perspective of this young Canadian who spent four years here preparing for the ministry.   Friends and City Hall were his top two positive things; disparity between rich and poor and smog were his top two negatives.  I'll miss Ben's photos and commentary and wish him and his family well.


Bellis said...

I hope Ben was still in town to see the Big Sky Farewell Show put on for him last night. It was amazing. I was in Hahamongna and got some great shots of the rainbow and sunset.

Steve Scauzillo said...

Bellis, you are sooo correct. I posted some of my own big sky shots ( and yeah, the show was fantastic. I may have a rainbow post in store as well. TC has had a few in recent years. Bellis, love to see the rainbow over Hahamongna.

ben wideman said...

I was lamenting that sky considering the spectacle that was on display and my lack of a blog!

Thanks for the kind words!!

Cafe Pasadena said...

You didn't mention the Wind in your NE of Allen area. Here in Downtown Pasa we also had the wind: we could see it & feel it in our eyes!

Re BW: I 2nd your observations and will also miss him while he takes a temporary leave of absence from our city. The handful of times we were together always involved photography and food.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

the rainbow was exciting enough but capturing the orbiting space station is super duper

Petrea Burchard said...

A nice tribute to Ben and his blog. He's off to share his shining light with lucky others. I'll miss him, too. I have a lot of favorite things about Ben, but here's my #1: behind that gentle exterior is a man who is not afraid to say what he thinks, not afraid to disagree, and able to do it in a positive way. Such a needed rarity.