Friday, September 9, 2011

The Oldest Existing In- N- Out Burger

The In-N-Out on East Foothill is the oldest existing In-N-Out restaurant.   This landmark neon In-N-Out sign was taken down a few weeks ago and apparently hauled off to HQ to be refurbished.   The refurbished sign was reinstalled this afternoon and tonight it looks pretty good. 

The compact red and white In-N-Out drive throughs, the palms and, of course, the signs have become classic southern California images. 

East Pasadena's In-N-Out was built in 1952.   There were a few In-N-Outs built before this one.  But, the earlier restaurants have been torn down and rebuilt leaving this East Foothill location as the oldest standing In-N-Out. 

Memo to In-N-Out corporate:    It is time to take the banner sign down from the roof..   


Cafe Pasadena said...

No readers/comments on this historical landmark, besides me, ??
No surprise. I made mention of this fact to Pasa Heritage and/or the city and didn't get an enthusiastic response.

Atascadero Andrew said...

Was the roof always connected to that two story building on the side, or was that done in later years? That two story building on the side looks like it is from the 60s or 70s.

Bill said...

We've got the newest In-N-Out here in Oregon. Long time comin', but well worth the wait.

Robert-A said...

Growing up in Pasadena, living on Oak ave(west of In N Out), I remember walking to In N Out as a dumb kid but having only pennies in my pocket. Thinking that the size of coins made them more valuable I placed my pennies on the railroad tracks right behind In N Out. (Yes the trains ran regularly through Pasadena in the 60's with little or no fencing). After the train whizzed by I collected my pennies, walked up to the window and spread out my newly smashed coins. I was rewarded with a couple of French fries and walked home a satisfied customer. I always leave In N Out now with that same feeling.