Thursday, March 31, 2011

Local Elections – Pasadena City Council District 4

I actually enjoy local elections.   Always have.    

Campaigns for local office are, well, local.  It’s about our street, our neighborhood, our city and schools.  Local elections are about the stuff that’s closest to home; the stuff that affects us the most.  

Here, at East of Allen, we’re all about being local.    This blog started three years ago and, from the beginning, has been focused on East Pasadena life and history.   Local elections are an important part of East Pasadena life and the person we elect to City Council will significantly impact this part of town.   So, at the risk of offending some, I’ve decided to weigh in on the runoff election.  

Choosing between the two candidates has not been easy.   Last Fall, both called and asked for my support.   I told them that I did not know who I would support and would not decide until late in the campaign.  

I did my homework.  I read the candidate statements, visited their websites and read their mailers.  Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I watched the candidate forums. 

But, I was still undecided and asked to meet personally with the candidates.   I told both in an email that I was considering making an endorsement on East of Allen.   Jill Fosselman met with me and answered my questions.  Gene Masuda refused to meet with me.   

In a later post, I’ll talk about which of the two candidates will get my vote and why.                

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