Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sierra Madre Villa Metro Station

Sunrise from the bridge over the 210 to the Sierra Madre Villa Metro Station.

Friday morning I decided to take the Metro to Civic Center in downtown Los Angeles. It's a short drive to the Sierra Madre Villa Metro Station. The station, of course, is named after Sierra Madre Villa Avenue, which is named after the old Sierra Madre Villa Hotel.

Looking southeast from the station's platform.

The whole thing was very easy. Short drive to the station. Easy parking. Three bucks round trip. Transfer at Union Station from Gold Line to Red Line was really easy -- just follow the crowd of people. Saved $20 in parking. I'll do this more often.


Petrea said...

You were up early.

I love public trans. I used to take it all the time in Chicago. I got a lot more reading done in those days.

pasadenapio said...

Nice photos, Mike. When I have had jury duty downtown I've parked at the Sierra Madre Villa Station and taken the train from there. It's easy and cheap and the train passes all those cars stuck in the morning rush hour traffic!

And now work is beginning on the easterly extension of the Gold Line. Pasadena is fortunate to have six station stops. On this first leg of the extension from Arcadia to Azusa there will be six station stops total.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I always feel a bit of vertigo when I cross that bridge but love the gold lie above all the other lines. Most scenic. Especially the Mount Washington station

pasadenapio said...

Mike, this is a long shot, but I'm wondering if you might have a high-resolution version of the Victory Park photo with the flag at half-staff that you included in this post.

"Mudbound," our One City, One Story novel for this year, has a strong World War II connection. One of the related events we're planning is a panel discussion in partnership with the Pasadena Museum of History with the working title "Pasadena Stories (1940-1952): War and Its Aftermath."

Since Victory Park was dedicated in memory of everyone who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War II, I thought such a photo would be a nice addition to our outreach materials for this event.

If you don't have it, I'll find a way to use another shot and photoshop the flag to half-staff (shhh).

Please let me know at or (626) 744-4755. Thanks.

Cafe Observer said...

Looks like using mass trans might be a news yrs resolution for you!

Nice fotos as usual!