Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let it Rain -- at least a little

This photo, taken this evening from Gwinn Park (on Orange Grove just west of Eaton Wash), shows the park's pines in the foreground and Mt. Wilson in the background with dark clouds gathered around. I saw quite a bit of lightening against the mountains and to the west.

Oh, there was a light rain at the park as I took this shot. Ahhhhh, a cool respite from all the recent heat.

Very, very unusual weather we're having.


David Sneiders said...

Was there any appreciable water in the wash? Need to check on a reoccupied feral bee hive in Eaton Canyon this next week.

Was in Altadena/ Glen Rose & Loma Alta on Wednesday & the flashes of light & subsequent thunderous boom of clapping thunder was amazing. Unfortunately only thunder sprinkles developed.

Driving up earlier on Lincoln I was struck w/ the pale light off the denuded San Gabriel mountains & the advancing darker storm front slithering from east. Weird weather for sure.

Michael Coppess said...

I go over the wash every day and didn't see much water. The strange weather keeps coming today -- possible thunderstorms forecast for this afternoon and evening.

David Sneiders said...

Had some auga dulce today as thunder showers at Hastings Ranch Whole Foods washed car bit before noon. Much needed as heard drying desert Santa Ana's coming possibly this coming week. LA Times Sept. 25th Saturday Home section had Special Fall Issue thats predicting drier La Nina winter:

Petrea Burchard said...

Is the weather really unusual? Or does it just seem that way because we're used to drought?

Bellis said...

We had rain about this time last year too, as I carried my cat from the Pasadena Humane Society to the car in a rainstorm. The odd thing about this rain was that it wasn't forecast.

Wish I could see that feral beehive. Got a really bad bad case of poison oak in Eaton Canyon up near the waterfall recently (even though I know how to spot and avoid the nasty native), but that doesn't keep me away.

David Sneiders said...

Bellis no need to go so far in the depths of Eaton Canyon, one of the hives I check is close by.

The Nature Center has a large beehive in an American Sycamore trees branch 20-35ft up:

Haven't checked after Oct 6th storm but more than likely it's still there if rain didn't knock down.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

rainy days...I agree...ahhhh