Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bear Signs

Seems we get some bear activity about this time every year. Earlier this week I saw a neighbor picking up his trash barrel, which a bear had knocked over. Last night it was our turn and early this morning the dog woke us up to the sounds of a bear rumaging in our trash. As I expected, this morning our trash barrels were knocked down.


Pasadena Adjacent said...

Great caution sign. I've never seen one like it

sometimes you can tell if bears have been around by locating their hair on power poles. It's how they scratch their butts

Michael Coppess said...

Thanks PA. We have a power pole in front of our house and I'll check it out.

I saw this sign last year while driving on the 5 north of Shasta Lake. I pulled over and knew I had to have the photo.

Mister Earl said...

PA and MC: TMI! ;-)