Monday, July 5, 2010

Rose Bowl Fireworks

Went inside the Rose Bowl last night for the 84th Annual July 4th AmericaFest celebration.

This photo isn't great, but this is really what it looks like during the finale. A lot of smoke mixed in with fireworks and accompanied by a loud succession of booms.

I tried, but didn't get a picture of the fireworks that exploded into a giant happy face over the Rose Bowl. However, I did get these zeros.


Petrea said...

It was very loud! We heard it a couple of miles away.

Bellis said...

From up on the Mt Wilson Toll Road at 7 pm, we saw a huge plane flying low over the Rose Bowl, then saw flashes of light, loud bangs and lots of smoke rising up. If we hadn't known what was happening, we'd have thought the Rose Bowl had been bombed. Good thing it was only friendly fire(works).

Mister Earl said...

Love the first one. Those were my favorites in South Pasadena last night.

Mister Earl said...

I really like the first one. Those were my favorites last night in South Pasadena. Quietly elegant.