Saturday, July 17, 2010


The hail in the photo goes back to January '09. I remember running around in front of the house with hail bouncing all around me and gathering enough of the cold icy stuff for this picture. I posted this a year ago when temps reached 102 and seems a good fit today too.

It has really been hot. Today Accuweather has us reaching 98 with a feel like temp of 101. An Excessive Heat Warning has issued for the San Gabriel Valley due to high heat and humidity.


Bellis said...

Just looking at the hail cools me down. I heard some raindrops falling on the roof the other evening but the ones about to hit our deck evaporated before they touched the ground.

pasadenapio said...

I just came back from San Diego, where the weather's pretty much the same as here. Although we went to Joe's Crab Shack last night for dinner and the breeze from the harbor was delightful.

Susan Campisi said...

It's amazing how hard it is to imagine it ever being cold enough to hail when it's this hot. But surely it will be again... someday. For now, we melt.

Fun photo though.