Saturday, July 3, 2010

Berry Good, But Berry Brief

This is my irregular garden update that I'm doing without photos more or less to keep track of what's going on around here.

Berries. Berry season is short, but great. Two years ago we planted blackberries. For some reason I didn't think we could grow them, but they've done just fine. Had dozens and dozens of berries this year, none of which made it into the house. Something irresistible about berries off the vine -- you just got to eat them when they're picked. I'm told it takes about 4 years before the vines will supply enough berries to actually pick for preserves or pies.

Apricot. This is our first tree to fruit each year. Seems every year I forget just how good homegrown fruit is. And then I pick my first ripe apricot of the season and it all comes back. Wow. Sweet as honey. We did a good job of getting the apricots off the tree before they rotted or birds got them. Got some fruit leather out of it.

Avocado. Lots of young fruit on the tree. Will keep deep watering every other week. We have to wait a long time for the fruit to mature, but it will be well worth it.

Plum and peach. These are young trees with a whole lot of fruit. The plums are small but really sweet and about gone. I'm disappointed in the flavor of the peach, but we will likely have enough for a run at ice cream this weekend.

Citrus. Citrus around here is a mixed bag. Our established lemon has not produced for a couple of years, but is loaded this year. We have several mature trees that were "rescues" from folks who didn't want them and transplanted in our yard. They are in various states of recovery. A few younger citrus is kind of poking along. This is all kind of wait and see. Ironic because, like much of this area, our house was once part of a citrus grove.


altadenahiker said...

Same here with the blackberries. My dog beat me to all the apples this year (it's a four-foot high esplallier, which turns out not to be a good idea).

Petrea said...

I like your update. When are navel oranges supposed to mature? I've got a loaded tree but they taste a little unripe.

I planted an avocado from seed. First time that's ever worked for me. It's almost a foot high now. The key seems to be patience. It's stopped developing much, so I believe that's my cue to put it in a larger pot. I won't rush putting it in the ground just yet.