Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Alligators

Last weekend we saw another alligator lizard. This one decided to show up in the middle of a birthday party for our now 7 year old daughter. There were a bunch of kids gathered 'round watching this reptile as it froze on some green siding. Hadn't planned to do Animal Planet for the party, but with this willing subject, and armed with lizard research from earlier posts, I couldn't resist. We could easily see the regenerated tail. We talked about how these lizards can detach their tails when threatened, and how the tail then wiggles around distracting the threat while the lizard gets away. Good stuff.

It is egg laying season for alligator lizards. According to California Herps, these lizards lay eggs sometime from May to July with babies hatching in late summer.

I'm not the only one doing lizard posts. There's a nice one up over at Ramshackle Solid.


pasadenapio said...

I love the lizards and the (non-poisonous) snakes. Nice photos!

Cafe Observer said...

You're gonna be known as The Animal Blogger soon!

Petrea said...

I've seen a lot of teeny ones around. But I've never seen a pinkish one like this. Pretty.