Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day at Victory Park

East Pasadena's largest and most used park, Victory Park, was dedicated by the Pasadena War Memorial Committee on May 25, 1952, "as a living memorial to those who fell in World War II." This "V" shaped rose garden is at the corner of Paloma St. and Altadena Dr.

The boulder at the top of the "V" is the Joe Hayashi Memorial. A Medal of Honor winner and running mate of the Robinson boys, Hayashi died in WW II. There's more on Hayashi at this post a few months back from Pasadena PIO.

Red and white roses from someone who remembers this Memorial Day. This plaque is at the base of the Gold Star Mothers flag pole. Gold Star Mothers are moms who have lost a son or daughter in service to our country.

The Wall is also well worth a visit today.


Cafe Observer said...

Excellent posting & perfect foto in remembrance of the few who sacrifice for us all.

altadenahiker said...

Lovely, touching photo.

pasadenapio said...

To so many the V for Victory is hiding in plain sight. Thanks for keeping the word going on this, Mike.

pasadenapio said...

Congratulations, Mike! You won this week's Mystery History contest on my blog. I don't seem to have an e-mail address for you, so please e-mail me at and I'll tell you about the fabulous prize!