Sunday, December 13, 2009

Eaton Wash 12-13-09

This picture of Eaton Wash was taken Sunday just north of New York Drive. I like this spot because it is the last point at which you can see (and hear) the water flowing over a natural stream bed. South of New York Drive, the Wash dumps into the Eaton Wash Reservoir and then is diverted into settling ponds and concrete channels.

The last two years, I've taken photos of the Wash near this place. The Wash was my first post in March, 2008 and I posted another shot of this spot in February, 2009.

Going back to 1932 and 1967, plans were made for an Eaton Wash trail running north to south through East Pasadena. As we enter 2010, we have a trail of plans, but still no trail. Note to City Leaders: The Eaton Wash trail remains the most important planning issue for East Pasadena. C'mon folks, let's get this done.

In case you can't get out to the Wash and can tolerate my camera's weak movie feature, I hope you enjoy the sound of rushing water at the city's edge:


Cafe Pasadena said...

Unfortunately the city leaders are probably slowed down in their decision-making by lawyers with their legal requirements, NIMBYs, and donors with their own special interests.
So, even the most obvious, logical, common sensical ideas are left to simply wash down the trail.

Petrea said...

It's a lovely sound. You don't hear water there year 'round.

Michael Coppess said...

CP: Obviously I think (and maybe you'd agree) that the city's priorities are a little out of order. But, we can keep trying....

Petrea: Yes, most of the year, the wash is dry at this point. To me that's one reason why it is so extraordinary to experience a running streat here. I think you have to hike up to the bridge to have year round water.

pasadenapio said...

Driving along New York Drive over the weekend, I passed by the "lake" in all its glory.

Anonymous said...
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David Sneiders said...

Eaton Canyon always a quick way to get my flora/ fauna fix. Like the video & musical percolating H2O Michael. Blessed rains hopefully will continue to make a slight dent in drought.

Today I took my usual Thursday late morn hour hike toward the Eaton wash holding basin as my two beloved feral bee colonies have absconded. The one hive in the sycamore tree by the nature center is still there buzzing away.

The still bubbling stream emptying into the basin with the tracks of horse shoes & horse blessings gracing stream side. Going under the New York Dr. bridge noticed the 2 homeless encampments perched in the crevices. Hope they're not BBQing as in 93' it got outta hand.

Amazing open space in the basin. Caught small flock of Canadian geese, jumpy mallards, sand piper like birds & some sort of shore bird haven't seen before, in the hopefully expanding waters.

Thanks for inspiring me to again take path less traveled Michael. Musta been visiting Eaton Canyon off/on for years & never ventured past NY Dr. bridge.

Next to explore assorted empty lots under the power lines in valley below.

Michael Coppess said...

Thanks Ann and David: I enjoy seeing the geese and other birds in the reservoir. David, I'm glad the bridge didn't deter you. It is a bit tricky climbing over the rocks and there are folks living under there. But, it is just plain old fun to walk to the waters edge and see the wildlife. Thanks again for your comment.