Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bear Signs -- Bear Poop

My favorite photographer got this shot of bear poop in front of our house.

It is all pretty interesting. To think that this giant animal stopped (I assume they stop) in front of our house to deposit his or her load. The whole pile is big -- about football sized. You can tell what the bear has been eating. Judging from the green and orange chunks above, it looks like this bear had eaten some apples, carrots or peppers. Years ago we found a bear pile in our backyard (across the fence from our neighbor's trash can) that had parts of an ice cream carton in it.

There is a lot on the Internet about how to recognize bear scat and stories of people finding bear scat with parts of pizza boxes and even bike chains. And, of course, there's the Man vs. Wild episode where Bear Grylls washes the undigested parts of bear poop and eats it. Lots of surprising stuff about bear poop.

Now that it is November, I'm seeing fewer signs of bears. No signs last week at all. No trash cans down. No dog barking. We are doing what we can to discourage the bear from coming our way and maybe it is working.


Cafe Pasadena said...

No bears around town lately?
Maybe football sized bear poops guarding your home is discouraging even to the poor bears!

altadenahiker said...

Well, put it on the compost pile.

Hibernation is such a fascinating concept. wonder if any have spots around Mt Lowe

Petrea said...

This reminds me of a joke I heard Kevin Nealon tell about hiking and exploring nature. He said he found some deer poo and examined it, and was excited to see that you could tell from the poo what the deer had been eating: "Leaves, berries and a whole lot of s--t!"

Michael, feel free to delete that if I've gone too far.

Michael Coppess said...

Trash day is tomorrow. That will be the true test of whether the bear is still around. Nice joke P and perfectly appropriate!Thanks.