Saturday, October 3, 2009

San Gabriel Mountains -- From Santa Anita

I think I've posted more pictures of the San Gabriel Mountains than anything else. The mountains are our "most dominant scenic assets."

Views of the mountains -- really good panoramic views -- are few and far between. Though the mountains loom a mile high behind us, it is hard to see or feel the full force of their presence. The built out city predominates.

But, if you're looking, there are mountain views to be had. Among the reasons I like East Pas are the many ground level mountain vistas that still remain. Victory Park has great views to the east. Neighboring cities have some great views too.

For this view, I travelled all the way to Arcadia. The view from Santa Anita is hard to beat.

We were there yesterday, which was Free Friday (admission is free every Friday). Watched the horses, lost a little money, but enjoyed terrific mountain views.


Brenda's Arizona said...

I remember my grandparents living just off of Lake Avenue, near Woodbury or Altadena Dr. I always dreamed that Lake Ave. just continued to climb right up to the San Gabriels. Love your photos - it looks like Santa Anita was just plopped in the foothills.

Petrea said...

The mountains, like anything profound, are hard to convey in a work of art.

Can you believe I didn't know about Free Friday? Thank you thank you thank you.

Bellis said...

I used to go to an osteopath whose office was on the top floor of a building overlooking the racecourse and the mountains. The view was so magnificent, I forgot all about my backache.