Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dodgers 3 Cardinals 2

You can watch a million games and you won't see what happened tonight.

The improbable stage was set: Bottom of the ninth, Cardinals up 2-1. With two outs, James Loney hits a routine fly ball to left. Surely the game is over. But, amazingly, Cardinal left fielder Matt Holliday drops the ball. At the last minute he turns his glove away and the ball smacks him in the stomach. After the game one Cardinal complained that Holliday lost the ball in a sea of white towels the crowd was waving. Holliday said it was the lights. No matter. The Dodger's had new life.

With this one improbable error, you could feel the crowd's expectation. It was as if we knew the Cardinals were going to unravel and somehow the Dodgers would win. And it happened.

The team and the crowd went wild.

Mark Loretta got the game winning hit. Dogpile on Loretta. This was a stunner.


Cafe Pasadena said...

Do you have a photo of Holliday missing the ball?

Michael Coppess said...

Unfortunately not. Got Vinny, got the blimp, got the pigeons,got the celebration, but missed a photo of Holliday's error.

ben wideman said...

Just an incredible game. Best I've ever seen.

Virginia Bed and Breakfast said...

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