Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Station Fire -- Wednesday Morning

This morning, for the first time in several days, I awoke to relatively clear air. There was no smoky smell and no ash at my home in East Pasadena. As I drove into work with my car windows down, I did notice the smell of smoke by the time I reached downtown Pas. But, I don't see any flames this morning and the news, for seemingly the first time in ages, is reporting positive signs.

The google modis fire detection map (which depicts recent major fire activity) shows a spot of fire southwest of Mt. Wilson that looks near the very top of Eaton Canyon. According to the map, fire in this area occurred 12-24 hours ago. I hope that means the fire is on its way out. I don't see any other active fire spots on the map on the south face of the mountains. The fire seems headed north-east behind Mt. Wilson.

I have the press of work this morning. But I hope to later post some thoughts about last year's Chantry Flats Fire, the current Station Fire and fire blogging.

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