Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Station Fire -- Tuesday Morning

Seems we're settling into a routine of sorts -- very smoky mornings with clearing air and visibility in the afternoon. This morning we awoke again to lots of smoke and some ash falling.

According to the modis fire detection map on google, the fire has now moved south of the Mt. Wilson towers and observatory. The map shows fire to the north and south, kind of sandwiching the towers. Movement of the fire south of the towers is a new development. I have been watching for movement of the fire to the south slope of Mt.Wilson, which is due north of East Pasadena. So far, I haven't actually seen fire on the south slope of the mountains, but the map certainly shows that it has moved this way.

The Star News and others report that the fire won't be under control for two weeks. I look at the map and wonder where the fire will go in that time.

The pyrocummulus cloud caused by the heat of the fire has been spectacular and chilling at the same time. The photo above was taken yesterday afternoon from my office in downtown Pasadena. Petrea has a great photo out today.

Accuweather says we'll hit 104 today. That's off record heat (111 in 1955) but well above the normal high of 89.

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pasadenapio said...

They're right, there's no end in sight. We must hope for something dramatic to happen that will change the momentum of this.