Thursday, September 3, 2009

Station Fire -- Thursday Morning

I just got back from walking the dog. It is definitely smoky out there this morning in our NE Pas neighborhood. It is kind of a dissapointment because last night I did not smell the smoke and hoped this thing was over.

The modis active fire map on google shows a vastly reduced level of recent fire activity. The red squares (indicating fire activity within the last 24 hours) are now concentrated on the west flank of the fire which has moved well north and east of Mt. Wilson (due north from Montrovia and Duarte). There are red squares on the west flank too (heading toward Santa Clarita) but most of the remainging recent activity is on the west side.

The Times reports that the Mt. Wilson towers and observatory is going to be saved after a five day battle. That is a complete turnaround from the start of the week when reports were that the fire was going to overtake the towers.

Meanwhile, the heat wave continues. Accuweather projects a high today of 96. That's well off record heat, but up from the normal high of 89. Their prediction for Saturday is a high of 87, which would be a welcome change.

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