Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bear Signs - bear on the patio

This seems to be our year for bears. At 2 am a couple of nights ago we got up to see what the dog was barking about. We stood on one side of sliding glass doors leading to a patio and watched as a bear ambled by just on the other side of the doors. Unlike the bear that climbed our tree last July, this was a very very large bear -- several hundred pounds I'd say. And unlike the "teenage bear" we saw in July, this animal was not the least concerned about our madly barking dog. It was amazing to be less than five feet away from such a large wild animal.

The fires may have chased the bear down the mountain. But, I think he was around even before the fires. Someone has been throwing around our trash cans. One morning I went out to find our large city-issued green waste barrel completely flipped over and standing on its lid. I have a hard time standing that barrel up when it falls. It took something really big, like that bear, to turn the barrel completely over.


Stronger than expected smell of smoke this morning. So much that I've closed the windows and started the air (which I hate to do). The Mt. Wilson cam still shows burning and smoke to the east. Hopefully nothing has erupted closer than that.


Incredible photos of some of the fire's devastation over at Altadena Hiker.


Brenda's Arizona said...

Like your visiting hens, the bears have to re-adjust, don't they? Thanks for sharing your 'visitors' with us. It is fascinating!

Sloane Mann said...

Yes, we had that bear over in West Altadena about 3 weeks ago. Looked to be a male about 500 pounds. He didn't like what we had in the trash and left pretty quickly.

altadenahiker said...

for the past couple of days I've had the windows opened because I was so tired of the recycled air. This morning the house smelled like a campsite after an evening of toasting marshmallows. Not unpleasant, so long as I kept that image in my mind.

Hope your air improves tomorrow.

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Bear Signs - bear on the patio

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