Monday, August 31, 2009

Station Fire -- Monday Morning from East Pas

We awoke againt this morning to very strong smell of smoke. So much so that we did something we almost never do -- we turned on the air conditioner. Yesterday morning we had the same thick smoky air and it cleared by early afternoon. We'll see what happens today.

Meanwhile, we hear and read reports that sometime last night or today the fire should reach the transmitters high atop Mt. Wilson. Fire maps, like this one from google, show the fire bearing down on Mt. Wilson. We also keep checking the Mt. Wilson tower cam which, when its on, has tremendous photos. As of daybreak (photo above), the towers were visible and we didn't see flames.

I've since gone into work and am writing this from my fourth floor north-facing office in downtown Pas. Though just a few miles away, the mountains are entirely concealed by gray-brown smoke.

Lots of local bloggers are doing great work on this fire and we check them reqularly. Altadenablog has been the lead dog and a great source of information. Ben at the sky is big has a list of local bloggers following the fire, including yours truly.