Sunday, August 30, 2009

Station Fire -- From Hastings Village

We awoke today to the strong smell of smoke, which thankfully has dissipated. But the fire seems to have spread east and north as this view from the Hastings Village shows. If you zoom in you can see the towers of Mt. Wilson shrouded in smoke. The Mt. Wilson tower cam has had some tremendous shots of the towers with a smoky backdrop.

Update: The Tower Cam is back up and now shows flames behind the transmission towers. (8/31 at 5:00 am)

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Brenda's Arizona said...

Wow, your photo is good. We tried to link to the Tower Cam to find that it wasn't being updated because of the fire.
But thank you for keeping us updated. It seems right now, blogs are the only way to get the real/latest/up to date news.