Saturday, May 30, 2009

Earthside Story -- Continued

I visited Earthside this afternoon. Haven't been there for a few months. and wanted to check in and see how the place is looking. A coyote had the same idea and, as I walked up, one lingered on the trail in front of the Earthside entrance and then trotted off. Overall, the basic framework of Earthside, though tired, is in tact. The place is dry, though, with lots of brush.

Earthide is tucked away behind an old preschool building on Del Mar Blvd. just west of the Eaton Wash and just east of the open space under the Edison power lines. Above, is the short trail behind the preschool that leads to the Earthside entrance. Long neglected, the trail skirts mature elms and oaks, grapes vines and old playground equipment. The city has decided to turn the preschool building into an urgent care medical center and has a half a million dollar grant to do it. With St. Luke's Hospital gone, Huntington overflowing and the city sitting on a half a mil, the urgent care use is going to happen. I'm concerned, though, about the city's plans for the open space areas (Earthside, the Wash and the Edison land) surrounding the preschool/urgent care building. There's a public hearing on Wednesday (6/3) at 6 pm when the city's application for a conditional use permit for the urgent care center will be decided. The staff report is here.

Lots of grapes around Earthside. They are native California grapes and are thriving without any irrigation other than rainfall. These vines are in front of the Earthside entrance.

Bench under the Sycamores.

White and purple wildflowers amid the brush.

California poppies peaking out of the brush.