Sunday, March 29, 2009


About five years ago, we had alot of gopher problems. With my dad's help, I set out a number of Macabee traps and caught maybe half a dozen gophers. We haven't had problems since. Until this year that is. I've seen dirt mounds from gophers and moles. A couple of weeks ago I saw a mole being carried by the neighbor's cat. Last night, I trapped a pretty big gopher and am today enjoying a small sense of accomplishment over that. Hopefully between the cats and me we can keep the gopher and mole damage to a minimum.

I've spent this weekend and last working in the garden. We have big plans this year. I have a couple of beds already weeded, a pile of home-made compost ready to spread around and tomatoes waiting to be planted. Got to get back out and go to work!!

I've been away from the blogs for more than a month. My mom passed away on February 19 and I've not felt much like blogging. But after working in the garden today, I kind of want to get back at it. I may post more on my mom later.