Sunday, October 12, 2008

Backyard Buried Treasure

One of the fun things about working on an old house is that you never know what you're going to find. This is some glass and pottery we've found while digging around in the yard. The cut glass and colored glass is really beautiful. And the old transfer ware, like the blue and white piece in the upper right corner, is particularly nice. I don't know why, but there is a lot of this old stuff about a foot or so underground. I keep waiting to find a whole plate or cup, but all we seem to get are pieces.

I've found lots of bones. These bones and teeth are the most interesting and were found lodged together. When I dug these up, there was a small fang that hooked down from the right edge of the top bone. The fang dropped out though and is now lost. I dug around for other bones, but didn't see much. Have no idea what animal this was. Any thoughts?

These are old square cut nails we've found when working on the house. These predate the mass produced wire nails that we use today. Large scale production of today's wire nails started around the turn of the century. These are square cut nails, made by shearing slabs of metal at a bias, and were often used in construction prior to 1900.


From de Cafe said...

My guess is they're probably just some dinosaur bones.

I wouldn't worry too much about any other dead things burried around your place.

Todd said...

Very cool. Stakes and fangs and pottery shards! If I had to hazard a theory ... I'd say relics from when early Pasadena settlers overcame the ancient immigrant vampires from Lemuria who'd been preying on the Hahamonga for centuries. Any other questions?

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the nails. I live near the arroyo. My house was built in the 50's while my neighbor's home was built in 1895. I find a lot of shards and old bottle. I even found dog tags from the Korean War. Because I'm on a hillside my property was the recipient of land fill for other homes being built over time. Also people at one time burned their trash and buried it on their property. The bones? who knows, pets?

pasadenapio said...

When I planted a begonia garden several years ago, there were constant discoveries from many, many years past, including a little toy truck that made me wonder about the little boy that lived at my house so many decades before me.

Sarah Jane said...

Oh, this is beyong neato. But why did people used to bury their dishes? Hmmm.
That's a chupacabra jaw.