Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chicken Update

So here's Rhode Island Red and our Barred Rock at almost two months old. They have grown up fast. We remember when they were just days old fluff balls and then when they started getting their feathers after a couple of weeks. Hopefully in a few more months, they will start laying eggs. In the meantime, our family has had fun with the chickens. They are very much family pets.

Did you know that there is an "urban chicken movement" sweeping the nation? Citizens groups in cities, such as Ann Arbor and South Portland advocate for urban chicken keeping and more lenient "chicken laws." Pasadena's own Path to Freedom has one of the best websites around. Another good one is backyard chickens.


Sarah said...

Hi there,

I think we are sort of neighbors and I was interested in hearing more about your urban chicken experience. I'm thinking of keeping them myself and would love to hear more about your experience. I hope to hear from you - I am at sarahparah at gmail.



Anonymous said...

Hey guys im thinking of getting chickens aswell but im not sure if they are legal i also live in Pasadena Ca thnks!