Friday, July 4, 2008

Sierra Madre July 4th Parade

We had a front row seat on the curb. Great parade, every year.

No question about the Grand Marshall. SMFD.

Scouts, schools, veterans in uniform, jeeps, old bicycles, vintage cars, trucks, the Humane Society, churches, a priest on a motorcycle, a bubble machine, Sierra Madre City College, politicians, mail carriers, mini-cars, fire fighters, the forest service, a soft ball team, a cheer squad, and .... tractors. A wonderful small town parade.
No water fights though. In past parades, fire fighters exchanged blasts of water with kids toting super soakers lining the parade route. Not this parade. I hope it comes back next year.

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Miss Havisham said...

You were sitting in the wrong seats. My buddies all got totally soaked! Of course, they started it with their lawn hoses. HAH!

I loved the little girl in blue and white with her wagon. So cute.