Friday, May 2, 2008

1877 Map

This is a portion of an 1877 map of Los Angeles County showing the early landowners of the area that was later to become eastern Pasadena. The map above also includes parts of surrounding areas. You can see the Indiana Colony to the left and San Gabriel train depot toward the bottom. The map is from L.J. Rose, Jr.’s biography of his father: L.J. Rose of Sunny Slope 1827-1899. Double click on the map to get a larger image.

Some of the names of the early landowners are familiar. The names of Craig, Rose, Chapman, Eaton and Bailey all live on through namesake streets and places.

Santa Anita Road is also familiar. Though not as dusty, Santa Anita Road is still in place today as Altadena Drive.

An early landowner whose name you may not recognize is that of William Cogswell, who owned the pie-shaped piece of property north of the Rose and west of the Chapman properties. In coming posts, I’ll talk about Cogswell, how his property became world-renowned and his interesting connection to Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses. S. Grant.

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