Friday, March 28, 2008

Eaton Canyon Area Development - 1967 Plan

The vision for an "eastern arroyo" of park and open space space resurfaced in the 60's. This plan was recommended by landscape architect David Wedgwood and approved in 1967 by Pasadena's Director of Parks, Robert Townsend. It is a wonderful piece of work. I encourage you to click on the map and then use your zoom feature to see the plan's detail. I think you'll be surprised.

The plan projected many new recreational features and trails from New York Drive all the way to the city's southern border. Let's take a section-by-section look:

Eaton Wash Reservoir and Dam. The plan shows the Eaton Canyon stream running under New York Drive and emptying into the reservoir area as it does today. However, the plan for the reservoir is dramatically different. It calls for five separate, but interconnected, bodies of water that would be part of a migratory wild bird preserve.

South of the Dam to Sierra Madre Blvd. Under the plan, the wild bird preserve continues south of the dam to four more separate but interconnected ponds. The plan shows an unchanneled stream running down to Sierra Madre Blvd.

Trail System. The plan calls for an extensive trial system over the entire plan area. Trails extend south from Eaton Canyon Park and nature center, and under New York Dr. into the reservoir area. Trails curve around the reservoir and ponds between New York and Sierra Madre Blvd. and then had south under Sierra Madre Blvd. The trails then run alongside the wash or the Edison right of way all the way to San Pasqual St. As planned, the trail system would accommodate hikers and bikers. A bridal path is also shown.

Edison Right of Way. The plan suggests a lease of the Edison right of way for "landscaped open space, trails, play areas and extension of proposed facilities."

South of Sierra Madre Blvd. to below Orange Grove Blvd. The plan calls for a three par golf course in this area.

South of Orange Grove to the 210. The plan calls for an assemblage of new recreational venues including an ice rink, outdoor skating rink, amphitheater, and pet farm. It also proposed to relocate the Gerrish Swim Club to this area.
210 south to Colorado. The bridle trail, hiking and biking trail continues under the freeway and down past Colorado Blvd. following the Eaton Wash channel.

Colorado south to San Pasqual. The trails continue south along the Eaton Wash channel to the city's southern border. The Edison right of way is landscaped open space. An area around Ability First is shown devoted to Senior Citizen use with shuffleboard, horseshoes and a putting green. The area around what is now the Eaton Blanche park is shown as an active park. An overnight group camp is shown on the east side of the wash from Eaton Blanche park. The hiking and biking trail is shown extending south beyond the city limits following the wash and Edison right of way.

Like the1932 plan, this plan never caught on. Since 1967, some of the planned area has been set aside for parks. Other parts of the plan area have been developed into housing and office use. A large area east of Washington is in use by Los Angeles County DPW, which controls the Eaton Wash Dam.

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